Where do you ship?

Literally everywhere. We might not be able to find it on a map, but since we're not the ones delivering it, that doesn't matter!

How much is shipping?

Shipping on orders of 5 or more cards is free to anywhere in North America, and sent through Canada Post. Shipping on orders of less than 5 cards is only $2.00 to any Canadian destination, and $3.00 to the US. And that's less than a bad cup of coffee. Rates will vary for international orders, depending on the destination.

Can I get Priority Shipping?

For you, the world. Just call us at 416.605.8560 and we can arrange whatever speed of shipping best suits your needs.

How fast will I get my order?

Once orders are received, they are processed and sent out within 5 business days. The shipping time will vary depending on the destination.

Do you make custom cards?

We certainly do! If you are interested in custom cards, please email us at info@stickswithstones.com.

Why do you have to charge tax?

If we had a choice, we wouldn't. Pinky swear.

Rumour has it, if I buy these cards and give them to people, they'll like me more. Is that true?

You can't argue with science. 

How often do you come up with new cards?

We're coming up with funny things to say all the time. So keep checking the website for the most up to date greetings!

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